Curing the Disease of “Implicit Bias” Requires Self-Diagnosing Internalized Racism

The internet has been ablaze with a video of police arresting two Black men for waiting for a business associate inside a Starbucks. As is customary, when White men and women engage in heinous acts of racism against Black men and other White people protest the injustice, the explanation from those who care is “implicit bias.” Implicit bias has been used to justify all forms of discrimination ranging from the shooting of unarmed Black men to the arrest of the Black men in Starbucks for the crime of waiting while Black.

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The Majority of White Women Voters Debase Themselves by Excusing Sexual Predators

Women and girls exist in a society in which white heterosexual male privilege (WHMP) is the zeitgeist. One of the entitlements of WHMP is ownership of women and children’s bodies and, therefore, virtually from the beginning of life, males have the right to engage in sexual assault and predation of women and children with little fear of retribution. By their votes to support two credibly accused white male predators, now President Donald Trump and former Alabama Judge Roy Moore, the majority of white women voters endorsed the doctrine that girls and women exist for men’s gratification—no matter how immoral.

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An Election to Save White Heterosexual Male Privilege

White heterosexual male privilege (WHMP) fought for and won the election of 2016. WHMP is buttressed by racism, but is not racism. Racism and ethnoviolence are longstanding tools for maintaining WHMP, but in this election era, misogyny and anti-femininity, Islamophobia, homophobia, and Antisemitism became additional tools—but they too are not WHMP…. 



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